Our Approach

SWGP pursues majority equity investments in cash flow positive companies or projects with revenues up to $60 million.  First and foremost, we are attracted to companies or projects with entrepreneurial leaders that have a demonstrated history of strong execution. Second, we are attracted to opportunities with significant growth potential, but that lack the sizable capital necessary to accelerate growth. There is an abundance of development projects that cross our desk--the critical task for us, and our true value-add to our investors, is to assemble the team with the breadth of experience and skillset to successffully execute on the company or project's growth potential. 

Deal Sourcing

Our deal sourcing strategy is driven by a focus in a few key target sectors that:

  • Fit thematic macro tends
  • Are GDP drivers in the region
  • Allow us to leverage existing strong advisory expertise

Yet, we preserve a level of opportunism driven by:

  • Our belief that there are few regional funds looking for small business deal flow
  • Our bank/local affiliates' ability to generate non-targeted deal flow
  • Our local network/advisers' ability to source unique opportunities

Small Cap Private Equity

Small cap private equity allows sponsors to:

  • Create intimate relationships with investors
  • Drive change and influence management
  • Solicit industry leaders as investors and leverage their experience